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Medical School and Other Programs AT RICHMOND GABRIEL UNIVERSITY

M.D. Degree and Other Programs have Rolling Admissions. Apply anytime for Start Dates in September, January Or May

Our Bachelors in Public Health (Bscph) Program consists of 4 semesters (one year four months) of General Sciences completed on campus and 3 semesters (1 year) of Public Health courses completed online. Admission tracks available for high school graduates and undergraduate transfer students.

Students who possess a minimum of 2 academic years completed in a science related Undergraduate or College degree program are eligible for direct entry into the 4 year MD program comprising of 5 semesters of Basic Sciences and 7 semesters of Clinical Sciences.

High school graduates with a science background are eligible to start with the 4 semester General Science Premedical track phase which fulfils the prerequisite courses required for entry into the Basic Medical Science phase of the Doctor of Medicine program.


A Brighter Future Awaits You

At Richmond Gabriel University, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, we strive to foster an environment where our students feel supported academically, socially and emotionally. Medical school can be demanding but our highly qualified faculty and staff care about your individual success. Throughout the stages of the program they work closely with you to guide you on your path to becoming a doctor. Take the first step towards your medical degree with RGU. Richmond Gabriel University offers the following programs:

BSc. Degree Program

  • 2 Year 4 Month Bachelors of Science in Public Health undergraduate program

M.D. Degree Programs

  • 5 Year MD Degree Program, which includes a Pre-Medical program
  • 4 Year MD Degree Program

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Getting Started

Admission Requirements

Looking for admission to our medical school or public health program at RichmondGU? Learn more about prerequisite courses and required documentation for your MD degree  or undergraduate program application to RGU.

Campus Tour

RGU has two fully equipped campuses on the stunning island of St. Vincent where classes are held throughout the year. At Richmond Gabriel University, we make sure students have a safe environment to flourish academically, with a focus on professionalism, discipline and learning. 

Tuition Fees And Scholarship

Richmond Gabriel University is one of the most affordable medical schools with a generous scholarship program. Our academic programs are high quality and conducted by dedicated faculty who are driven to ensure that students succeed.

Quality, Affordable Education

The Caribbean Medical School University is located on the beautiful, safe and friendly island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Our faculty and staff care about your success. With hundreds of graduates currently practicing as doctors globally, RGU makes sure you are provided with the proper educational foundation so you have a range of medical opportunities in the future.


Alumni are an important part of our community at Richmond Gabriel University, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Our alumni are located across the globe, practicing as doctors, or in the fields of healthcare, research and academics.

Next Semester Starts:

September 4, 2023

Last Day To Apply

August 31, 2023

Accepting Applications For:

September 2023, January 2024 and May 2024

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Successful Alumni Worldwide
"I was provided an extremely supportive environment during the years of my medical education, as well as throughout the complex process of applying for residency in the U.S. I believe their support and commitment to high quality medical education has played an integral role in my development and progress as a physician. I consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to work with them."
Dr. Vijay, M.D.

The RGU Experience: Doctor of Medicine Program


In the first two years of medical school, students focus on attaining an in-depth understanding of the basic knowledge of health and disease and are introduced to the care of individuals and how to navigate and understand the dynamic between patients and doctors.


In the third and fourth year of the MD program, students become directly involved in the care and study of patients. Richmond Gabriel University, St. Vincent students rotate in ACGME approved teaching based hospitals throughout the United States. Core rotations take place in accredited universities in the USA and Caribbean. Elective rotations can be arranged in various US states and are also available in other countries such as Canada, the U.K, and the Caribbean.

RGU offers rolling admission with semester start dates in January, May and September. An academic year at RichmondGU consists of 3 semesters. Apply today!

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