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Academic Programs

Program Information

The General Science and Basic Science phases of all programs are conducted on campus in St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

For the MD Degree program the final 80 weeks, known as Clinical Clerkships, are completed at teaching hospitals in various locations in the USA, Jamaica, and the Caribbean.

For the Bachelor of Science in Public Health program the final 4 semesters are completed online as the student works to complete their capstone project.

There are two program options for the Doctor of Medicine MD degree program: 

The 5 Year MD program 
(Premed, Basic Sciences and Clinical Clerkships)

The 5 Year program includes a premedical component for students who do not have the required prerequisite courses to begin the Basic Sciences component

The 4 Year MD Program 
(Basic Sciences and Clinical Clerkships)

For students who have already achieved the prerequisites they may apply for the 4 Year program and begin the Basic Sciences component.

Bachelors Of Science In Public Health Program

The first 4 semesters of this program are taught on campus and final 3 semesters are conducted online. This program is taught by a robust and dedicated faculty with extensive experience in public health. Students can apply from high school and earn a bachelor’s degree in public health in as little as 2 years 4 months. MD students can also apply to the public health program and receive course credits towards their bachelor’s degree in as little as 4 semesters.

Rolling Admissions
Semester Start Dates In January, May And September.

An Academic Year At Richmond Gabriel University Consists Of 3 Semesters. Each General Science And Basic Science Semester Is 15 Weeks.

Transfer Students Accepted

Richmond Gabriel University accepts transfer students into its program, to learn more click here.

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