NBME Exam​​

The CBSE and CCSE Examinations must be completed by all students regardless of the pathway of residency or country of employment they wish to pursue. The CBSE and CCSE NBMEs are required exams by RGUSVG for advancement in the program as well as graduation.

Students will not be promoted from the Basic Medical Science phase (pre-clinical) into the Clinical Sciences phase without successful completion of ALL basic science courses and competency assessments including the CBSE NBME and OSPE and achieving the acceptable passing grade.

  • Effective March 18th, 2020 all students who are in the current MD 5 semester and all students who have completed their MD5 but have yet to complete their Comprehensive NBME MUST complete the Comprehensive NBME Exam by June 2020 in preparation to start their clerkship program the following semester.
  • Effective May 2020 all RGU SVG students are required to complete the RGU NBME request form to sign up. If you are looking to complete the exam at the campus test centre specify that on your request form.
  • Effective September 1st 2020, all students MUST obtain a passing score of 200 on the CBSE NBME to be eligible to enter the Clinical Clerkship phase of the MD program.


All RGU SVG students who wish to take the NBME CBSE or CCSE must first complete the university request form which is located in the RGU SVG student portal. Students must complete the form and be cleared by the Registrar’s Office to be added to the examination list. 

Contact the Registrar’s Office for more information.

For information regarding NBME examination eligibility please refer to the Student Handbook which is located on the student portal.




The clinical transition semester focuses on the integration of the basic medical science knowledge with clinical medicine to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of medicine and its application in the treatment of patients. This semester prepares students to transition from the didactic teachings in the classroom to clinical teaching in the hospital settings.


Introduction to Clinical Medicine V

The Introduction to Clinical Medicine V course focuses on consolidating the clinical skills learnt from MD1-4 and continue to integrate the clinical medicine with Basic Medical Science knowledge. Students are engaged in case-based learning and presentations, demonstration of clinical skills and interaction with live patients during clinical encounters. Students are assessed both theoretically and practically with an end of semester OSPE/OSCE examination.

Pre-Clinical Review Course

The Pre-Clinical Review course is a didactic review of the Basic Medical Science courses taught in MD1-4. Students are engaged in active learning sessions that integrate and reinforce the concepts taught in the core medical courses in MD1-4. This course also prepares students to take their end of Basic Sciences Exit Exam.

Successful completion of the clinical transition semester provides a solid foundation for students to begin their clinical rotations.

Students who are unable to complete their courses work, NBME examinations and clerkship preparation during the transition semester, may apply for an additional semester prior to starting their clinical rotations to complete all outstanding requirements. During this semester, students must maintain an active student status and maintain good financial standing with the institution. Students will be required to maintain health insurance, student union government fees and student life enhancement fees.

NB: Students must complete their Doctor of Medicine Degree program in a maximum of 6 years or 150% of the scheduled program time. As such students should avoid spending more than 3 semesters away from the program.