Clinical Rotations Overview​​

Clinical Clerkship Admission Requirements

Richmond Gabriel University makes the necessary arrangements for our students to do clinical clerkships at approved ACGME-accredited/teaching hospitals in the United States and United Kingdom. Students may also choose to rotate at approved teaching hospitals in other countries of their choice upon prior arrangement with our clinical department. Upon successful completion of Basic Medical Sciences in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, students may elect to complete their core and elective clinical clerkships at any of our affiliated teaching or ACGME-accredited hospitals in the United States.

The clinical clerkship phase consists of 7 semesters. 6 semesters are 12 weeks in length and the final semester is 8 weeks. For a total of 80 weeks.

Requirements For Clinical Clerkships


If you are a current active student at the university the following is required to begin registration for clinical rotations.

  • Successful completion of the Basic Medical Sciences
  • A passing grade on the NBME CBSE of 200 (or USMLE Step 1 if you are a transfer student from another medical school and previously completed this exam prior to admission into RGUSVG)
  • Updated Immunization records
  • Proof of Liability Insurance
  • Good academic and financial standing with the University.

Students are advised to give the Clinical Department at least 4 weeks notice, informing the department of their intent to begin Clinical Clerkships and choice of clinical sites / hospitals.

CR I To CR IV: 48 Weeks Core Rotations

Students are in these semesters are required to complete 6 Core Clinical Rotations as follows:

  • 6 Weeks – Family Medicine
  • 12 Weeks – Internal Medicine
  • 12 Weeks – General Surgery
  • 6 Weeks – Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • 6 Weeks – Pediatrics
  • 6 Weeks – Psychiatry

CR V – CR VII: 32 Weeks Elective Rotations

Final year medical students are required to complete 32 weeks at minimum of elective clinical rotations in specialities of their choosing.

Ready To Apply?

Transfer Students Accepted

Current RGU SVG Students:

Email the clinical department for further instructions regarding registration for your first rotation.

Please note that upon clearance of the above requirements students will need to complete the university’s rotation registration process prior to every rotation. Each clinical site will also have specific documentation that must be filed with the university before a student is cleared to start the rotation.

Transfer Students

Transfer students from accredited or recognized Medical Schools are welcome to apply for Clinical Rotations with Richmond Gabriel University.

Transfer Student Admission Requirements:

  • Previous secondary school transcript
  • Previous university transcripts, if available
  • Medical school transcript demonstrating successful completion of Basic Medical Sciences
  • 1 Page Type Personal Essay on the topic “What I Want to be a Doctor”
  • 1 – 2 Recommendation letters from professors or teachers
  • Copy of your passport bio page or government issued photo ID
  • Students are encouraged to provide USMLE Step 1 or NBME CBSE results, if available (review requirements to start rotations above)

To see if you qualify to apply to the clinical clerkship phase of our program please email our Admissions Department for further details.


  • All students are required to obtain malpractice insurance prior to commencement of their clinical rotations.
  • Richmond Gabriel University will assist students with information concerning insurance companies which provide this service.
  • Please note that the cost of malpractice insurance is not included in the tuition fees.
  • The cost usually is approximately US$ 1500 per year.

Transition Semester (TRS) – Basic Sciences To Clinical Clerkship

The transition semester is a one-semester period from the end of MD-5 to the beginning of CR-1. This is an interim semester (MD 6) that the students use to complete any outstanding course work, the Comprehensive NBME, update their Immunization status and finalize any documentation necessary for the next phase of the program. Ideally, all students should complete their NBME at the end of the MD5 semester.

Students who fail the NBME during their transitional semester and who require one or more additional semesters in preparation for the Clinical Phase must apply for a Leave of Absence from the Office of Student Affairs, stating clearly the reason and providing supporting documentation. During this period, students must meet with their academic advisor and discuss a strategic approach and study methods for their board exams. They can also enrol in an acceptable preparation review course and do monthly NBME practice exams at their own expense.   Students are allowed a maximum of 3 semesters off, not inclusive of the transition semester. A student who has five (5) failed attempts at the Comprehensive or clinical NBME will be recommended for an alternative degree program or dismissal from the Medical Degree program.

All students in the transition semester are required to complete the registration process at the beginning of the semester. All Students in the transition semester MUST have health insurance coverage while in St. Vincent.

NB: Students Must Complete The Doctor Of Medicine Degree (MD) Program In A Maximum Of 6 Years Or 150% Of The Scheduled Program Time. Students Should, Therefore, Avoid Spending More Than 3 Semesters Away From The Program.

Effective March 18th, 2020, all students who are in the current MD 5 semester and all students who have completed their MD5 but have yet to complete their Comprehensive NBME MUST complete the Comprehensive NBME Exam by June 2020 in preparation for the start of their Clerkship program in the following semester.