World Blood Donor Day

WORLD BLOOD DONOR Day 2022 is June 14th, and Staff of the MCMH BLOOD BANK has invited the SVG Medical Association to collaborate with them in conducting Blood Donation Drives on Saturday June 11th and June 18, 2022 from 9 – 1pm to mark this special occasion. 

We wish to invite the Students, Faculty and Staff of Richmond Gabriel University to consider being blood donors either on those designated ‘launch dates‘ above or alternatively, any weekday of their choosing. (7am – 3pm) .  This can be arranged (by calling 456-1185 Ext.149 as groups from any workplace.  The staff at the Blood Bank has committed to providing a ‘Fast Track’ service to members of Companies, Agencies and Firms who are attired in work-place uniform to facilitate best workflow. Please feel free to telephone ahead of time to make specific arrangements – if that is more convenient for your group. 

Apart from resolving the immediate critical donor shortage, the BLOOD BANK is seeking to restore the long-standing Registry of Donors, who pledge to provide an on-going replenishment of life-saving blood supply at the Blood Bank.  

We hope that everyone over the age of 17 will make their best effort to be part of this life-saving exercise of Donating Blood.  It truly makes a ‘HERO of us ALL’.   

We are grateful for your cooperation in this endeavor.   


R. Ambrose 

Dr. R. E. Ambrose, OBE- President,  

St. Vincent & the Grenadines Medical Association

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