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Richmond Gabriel University receives a high volume of applications per semester. Every submission is evaluated by the Admissions Committee via a holistic approach taking into account academic success as well as extracurricular and personal achievements. Once it has been determined that the applicant meets the academic prerequisites of the university the Admissions Committee will also review the personal statement and recommendation letters. These supporting documents allow the committee to further assess if the applicant has potential for long term success if enrolled at Richmond Gabriel University. The following tips have been included to guide potential applicants as they plan their personal statement and references.

Personal Statement Tips

Writing Your Personal Statement For The Bachelor Of Science In Public Health 

Richmond Gabriel University’s Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) Program requires prospective applicants to submit a personal statement as part of the application process.  

Your personal statement is a chance to make the case that you belong at Richmond Gabriel University (RGU)Communicating your case clearly and effectively in writing, can be as important as your academic and professional qualifications. Many students get anxious about this portion of the application or worry that their writing skills aren’t up to the task. We encourage you to stay calm, don’t panic, we have some great tips for you. You don’t have to be an outstanding writer to craft a great personal statement. Your task is to provide RGU with the information they’re looking for in 500 – 1000 words. Let’s break the key points down into three specific areas: your past, present, and future. 

  1. Past: Your Background In Public Health

Start by introducing yourself. You’ve already provided a transcript and personal recommendations with your application, so this is an opportunity to put your experience in context. Tell us how and why you became interested in public health, the skills you’ve developed, and what you’re most proud of so far. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through!   

  1. Present: Why You Are Applying To TheBSPH At ASU?

After you’ve introduced yourself, explain your motivation for your application. What is driving you to take your career in public health to the next level, and why is the RGU Online BSPH right for you? Make a compelling case why you are applying to this program, specifically, and why now is the right time. 

  1. Future: Goals For Your Academic Activities At ASU And Your Career Beyond Graduation 

Finally, show that you have a vision for your time at RGU and your post-BSPH career. Include a short statement for a future research project that you would be interested in carrying out as part of your Capstone Project over approximately a threemonth period. This gives us more of an idea of your research interests and motivation to undertake the online BSPH program.  

 One last piece of advice: write an honest statement that gets across your true character and motivations, rather than writing something you think we will want to hear. RGU’s goal in requesting these personal statements is to get to know prospective applicants on a personal level. Focus on providing a clear account of who you are, why you’re applying, and what you plan to do during and after the program. 

The BSPH offers the opportunity to get a world-class degree in public health from one of the fine universities in the Caribbean. The program is affordable, flexible, and 100% online. As such, it will attract a diverse, highly qualified group of students from across the globe. With a great personal statement, you can significantly increase your chances of joining the next cohort!   

We wish you all the best with the application process, stay encouraged!