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Richmond Gabriel University has engaged in a collaborative venture with the Boitekanelo College in Botswana, to offer a Premedical Professional Pathway program to students in Botswana and surrounding Africa region who wish to pursue a career in medicine through an approved Pre-Allied Health Sciences Bridging Program at Boitekanelo College. 

The Boitekanelo College has 15 years’ experience producing qualified Allied Healthcare Workers serving Botswana and across Africa and Europe. RGU has been in medical education for over two decades and produces doctors that are internationally recognized and practicing medicine across the globe. This collaboration offers students quality medical education taught by expert faculty at an affordable cost with flexible start dates and locations. Compared to other programs, with RGU-BC, you get the best value for your investment. Are you ready to leap forward and begin a career in medicine? 

Successful Alumni practicing across the globe

Your Journey in Medicine Begins Here!

The combined 5-year Premedical/MD program offers high school graduates the opportunity to earn a postgraduate professional Doctor of Medicine degree that begins at the Boitekanelo College in Botswana before transitioning to RGU College of Medicine in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  

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This program begins with the Premedical Professional Pathway taught at the Boitekanelo College over 2 years or 4 semesters. This program offers students the opportunity to adjust to college or University life while remaining close to their family and friends during this part of the program. This helps students to build a solid support system before traveling to RGU campuses to continue in the postgraduate M.D program. Begin your journey today! Apply to the Pre-Medical Professional Pathway program and get started today!


Students applying from high school will require at least 5 years to complete the M.D program. Students who have completed college level courses or some undergraduate courses are also encouraged to apply. Transfer credits may be awarded for college level courses completed.  


  • High School Graduates (IGCSE or BGCSE or equivalent) 
  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, and English with minimum grade of B+ 
  • GCE AS or A Level graduates 
  • 3 GCE Advanced Levels – Grades A, B or C in Biology, Chemistry and either Physics or Mathematics.  
  • Computer Literacy: Basic computer knowledge is required. 
  • No MCAT required to apply  

Supporting Documentations  

The following documents must be submitted with the application form.  

  • Official Transcripts – Sent directly to the Registrar’s Office ( from the applicant’s previous educational institution(s).  
  • Unofficial transcript can be used to initiate the application process.  
  • Credits will not be awarded from an unofficial transcript.   
  • Copy of passport Bio Data page or Government issued photo ID    
  • Personal Statement/Essay. 
  • A Police Certificate from the country of residence in the last six months.  Must be issued within the past 3 months to be valid.    
  • Student Health History and Immunization Form – Must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to registration to the following email:  
  • Application fee – a non-refundable US $100 application fee is due upon submission of an application.   


The Premedical Professional Pathway Program in Boitekanelo College has two (2) enrollment periods per academic year.  

Fall Semester – August 
Spring Semester – January 

Application Deadline: End of July 15th and December 15th for each Enrollment period. 


Persons who are unable to submit all their documents by the Application deadline will be deferred to the next enrolment period. 

Are students automatically promoted to the MD program upon completion of the Premedical Professional Pathway program? 

All students enrolled in the combined 5 year Premedical/MD program must satisfy certain criteria outlined in the Progression Policy to be promoted into the Doctor of Medicine degree program. Students who complete all the requirements of the Premedical Professional Pathway program, maintain the required GPA, remain in good financial standing and satisfy the Technical Standards for Admissions, Promotion and Graduation will be eligible for promotion to the MD Program in the College of Medicine at RGU. 


Your journey to Medicine begins now! Speak with an Admissions or Academic Advisor to learn more about the program or apply today!

Start the Premedical Professional Pathway of the 5-Year MD at Boitekanelo College in Botswana  

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The Advantages of the 5-Year Premedical/MD Program at RGU

Our focus has always been and remains the success of our students. We provide the resources to make your journey easier.  

Student Diversity and Equal Opportunities 

At RGU, we have students from all corners of the globe, which further adds to a rich student culture and life experience during your professional training. It is a great opportunity to learn about other cultures, form life-long friendships and be part of a community that advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion in society.  

Quality Clinical Clerkship Experience 

Students have ample opportunities to engage with student groups and community organized healthcare groups to participate in workshops, health fairs, volunteer work, shadowing physicians, simulation activities etc. in preparation for their Clinical program. Our students have the option to complete their Core Clinical Clerkship at top U.S accredited teaching-based hospitals and gain valuable insight into the first world healthcare system or they can also rotate at accredited teaching hospitals in the Caribbean. Elective Clerkships can be done globally to further enhance your learning experience across healthcare systems and borders. 

Patient Centered Clinical Training 

The MD program is designed to give students maximum hands-on training in clinical facilities to adequately prepare our graduates for internships and residencies in their country of choice.  


 Student Centered Educational Experience  

Our students’ success remains our number one priority. We focus on ensuring that students receive an exceptional educational experience and that all necessary academic and student services are available to enhance your experience during your time with us. 

Commitment to Student Success 

We are committed to ensuring the success of our students and provide the necessary assistance to our students and graduates to help them achieve their goals. Our Alumni are successfully practicing globally in countries such as US, Canada, UK, Qatar, Nigeria, Botswana, South Africa, Jamaica, St. Vincent, Guyana, Kenya among many others.  


Studying abroad can be an expensive undertaking for you and those who support you financially. Obtaining a Doctor of Medicine degree is a sound investment into a secure future for you and your loved ones. At RGU, we have maintained a low educational cost throughout difficult times and continue to work with each student to help realize their dream of becoming a medical doctor. See our Tuition Fees below to learn more about the financial cost of the Premedical Program in Botswana.  


We offer one of the most affordable medical education programs compared to other institutions in the Caribbean region.


Tuition Fees – 2022 – 2023 Academic Year
Tuition fees are effective for semester beginning August 2022 in Botswana.



Tuition Fee 

US $ 

1st Year 



1st Year 



2st Year 



2nd Year 



Total Premedical Fee: US$ 26,000

Non-Refundable Fees that apply:
One Time Application Fee – $100
One Time Enrollment Fee – $1000

*Tuition fees includes administrative fees, Lab fees, Exam fees, student insurance fees and student support services fee. Tuition and Fees are subject to change.  

*All fees listed are in US dollars. 


The progression policy applies to students who have entered the Premedical Professional Pathway program with the intent to matriculate into the 4-year Doctor of Medicine Degree program in the College of Medicine. Students must complete all 90-credits of course work in the Premedical Professional Pathway degree and satisfy the entry requirements of the Doctor of Medicine degree program to be considered for admission to this program.  



Students enrolled in the Premedical Professional Pathway degree at the Boitekanelo College may advance to the 4-year Doctor of Medicine degree program in the College of Medicine at Richmond Gabriel University as follows: 

  • Successful completion of the 90 credit hours course work, including transfer credits.  
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.7 in courses taken in the Premedical Professional Pathway. 
  • Maintain the standards of ethical, personal, and professional conduct as outlined in the Code of Conduct of both Richmond Gabriel University and Boitekanelo College. 
  • Maintain good emotional, mental, and physical health as required by the Technical Standards for Admissions to the College of Medicine.  
  • Maintain good financial and academic standing.  
  • Maintain a full-time student status during their program enrolment.  
  • Successfully passed the medical school interview. 
  • Submission of Health History and Immunization records at least 2 weeks prior to registration.